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Richard Peralta

Richard Peralta

Richard Peralta shows two defined facets: that of the committed artist, where politics and protest leave no doubt, their victims felt as angelic spirits, with the omnipresence of childlike innocence; and that of the innovator in traditional religious iconography, where saints are not only humanized and updated, but interpreted in living and acting models in their everyday environment. All this with an unusual technical mastery.

A visual artist who uses painting, installation, video or intervention to transmit speeches that are always moving, he has managed to fuse the orthodox terms of traditional religious iconography with a stark look at a reality that he does not accept and a dangerous situation that he denounces with implacable veracity.

Poverty, violence, pollution and depredation are recurrent themes in the images of his paintings. A vision without temptations of kind, painful and disturbing concession, of daily beings, turned victims or protagonists of these evils. Victims such as angels, or angels who cannot move their wings.

He has the great merit of his conviction and his ability to avoid fashions or imitations, achieving an art of his own and authentic, where its undeniable value resides.

Richard Peralta

Richard Peralta Jiménez - Cusco 1971.


1990-95 Escuela Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes Diego Quispe Tito de
                Cusco - Plastic Arts Teacher-Specialty of Drawing and Painting
2006-07 Universidad Nacional San Agustín de Arequipa, School of Arts.
                Visual Arts
2013-14 Enrique Guzman y Valle National University of Education.
                Postgraduate school. Master's degree with mention in Art Teaching.   


2018 First place in the Painting Contest "Horacio Zeballos Gámez Award" 2018.
          Lima Magisterial Spill
2016 Honorable Mention Pictorial Contest "Juan Lepiani Toledo" Lima
2013 Convocado para Jovenes Talentos. British Cultural Center. Lima.
2006 First Place in the Painting Contest "Perdón" Convento de Santo
          Sunday Cusco
2006 Selected in the XVI Contest of Painting of Young Artists
2005 Selected in the XV Young Artists Painting Contest.
2005 Third Place "Cultural Integration" INC. Cusco
2004 Honorable Mention "Passport for an Artist" Lima.
2004 First Place "Passport for an Artist" Cusco.
2003 Second Place "Passport for an Artist" Cusco.
2000 Selected in the "VII National Contest of Painting Coca Cola" Trujillo.
1997 Honorable Mention in the "Calandria Juvenile Comic Contest" Lima.
1995 Selected in the "Second Biennial of Fine Arts" Lima.
1993 Second place in the "Contest 500 years later" Cusco.

Individual Exhibitions

2017 "Art and Revolution" Georgetwon Art Center. Texas. U.S.A.
2016 "Terrenal - Celestial" Convent of Santo Domingo.
2016 "Son of war" Mariano Fuentes Lira Hall. Cusco.
2014 "Blue Flame" Ricardo Palma Cultural Center. Miraflores. Lima
2012 "Young talents" British Cultural Center of Miraflores. Lima
2010 "Angelus Natura" Art Show . Fallen Angel . Cusco.
2008 "Immaculate Deception II" Fallen Angel.  Cusco.
2007 "NN" Nano Galery. Macondo. Cusco.
2006 "Angelidades" Convent of Santo Domingo. Cusco.
2006 "Immaculate Deception" Art Show Fallen Angel. Cusco.
2005 "Sharp Point Object" Mariano Fuentes Lira Hall. Cusco.
2005 "Neo-Post" Nano Galery. Macondo. Cusco.
2000 "Zoociedad" Mariano Fuentes Lira Hall. Cusco.
1993 "Search" Mariano Fuentes Lira Hall. Cusco

Collective Exhibitions.

1990 to 2019 Collective exhibitions held locally, nationally and internationally.

Work experience

Teacher at ESABAC, from 2006 to present.