Richard Peralta
Contemporary Art

Meat ritual Meat ritual

Meat ritual

Meat ritual

One of the greatest successes of our millennium is to have visualised Western culture as the cause, structure and system of alienation and chaos in almost every aspect.

Richard Peralta knows this perfectly well and proposes it to us in a symbolism that is directly directed against the West: A strong and robust Minotaur is presented in front of a squalid and weak one - a pseudo-Minotaur - victim of aggression, and of the illness that today is to insist on wanting to be "Western", even when this only means denying one's own principles. Far from being consumed in a withering critique, the work is resolved in a rupture: the sliced head - in situ - of the Minotaur is presented as a trophy on a butcher's trunk. Breaking with domination, and assuming - at last - our idiosyncrasies, is here something irreversible; a need to unburden ourselves - to digest - a history of frustration and subjugation that has so ulcerated our conscience.

Here denaturalisation is presented as a "bad digestion" of other cultures. It is as if Peralta sees in the ¨destajar¨ and ¨mutilar¨ the best way to break with the current alienation, an aptitude never so real and necessary as here, and now.