Richard Peralta
Contemporary Art


Blue Flame


We attended the funerals of Atahualpa with the arrival of the Spaniards, and from Montero's visions we were invited for a long time to an indigenist, nostalgic and bucolic gaze, the product of a paternalistic republican vision. We were also invited to the "image and likeness" of an imperial longing for justice, the product of an inexplicable confrontation within what is ours. But, above all, we participate daily in the claim of a "mythical-ancestral" past that never ceased to be with us and that now rises in symbolic celebration, trying to cover all the times of the modern gaze in a univocal and transcendental time.

LLAMAZUL, an individual work by Richard Peralta Jimenez, is an access door to that time, which tries above all not to claim anything, only "to be as it is" from a source of origin, where the high and sublime cosmos moves towards the earth, watering the field with a latent blue blood. Visual art that transmutes elements and symbols to celebrate our eternal lineage. Contemporaneity of yesterday and always, style without dominant styles, because the dominion ended long ago, and because mainly life and death are celebrated in it, which are only axes of the same rebirth.
Andean by vocation, by conviction and by location, all this makes the artist's work find itself among us and with us, the humility of the gold that has always been present, the luminosity of the strength of the bodies and above all a heart that aims to explode, make up part of the latent imaginary of a soldier who unashamedly shows his history in the history of all of us.

LLAMAZUL, reconciles and regenerates us in the eyes of those children and those universal brothers and sisters of the Andes, who are nothing more than our own eyes and our own ears, our own footsteps and also our own elevations in the work of one of the main current artists of the Andean south.
An opportunity to feel that tradition is truly perpetual and that nostalgia for the past is just another structure of power and deceit.


Martín Ugaz